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IMMUNOGENETICA e Danni dei Vaccini   

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Ecco il recente studio che ha coinvolto più di 17.000 bambini fino a 19 anni
Questo studio-indagine attualmente in corso è stato avviato dall’omeopata Andreas Bachmair.

20 FATTI misconosciuti sui Vaccini + Perche' vaccinare ? + I miti dei Vaccini
Danni al sistema enzimatico da Vaccini e metalli 
By Giusy Arcidiacono (CT) - -
Perito Commerciale - chimico

The Mediterranean Journal of Surgery and Medecine (1996)
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Diagnostic Role of Immunogenetics in Post-Vaccine Diseases  of the Central Nervous System (CNS): Preliminary Results
Associazione Universo Bambino - Italy
Massimo G. Montinari, Biagio Favoino”, Angela Roberto” * Servizio di Tipizzazione tessutale e trapianti d'organo - Azienda Ospedaliera Policlinico di Bari,  Italy  ** Ambulatorio di Virologia - Azienda Ospedaliera Policlinico di Bari, Italy

We report of 30 patients with post-vaccine diseases of CNS and other organs who presented with the initial symptoms at the time of or immediately a.fter vaccines.
All patients were tested for Herpes virtis (IgG and IgM) and tissue typing (HLA A, B, C, HLA DR-DQ) to study the relationship between the development of post-vaccine CNS diseases and those antigens trying to show that an immunogenetic substrate (autoimmune type) is involved in demyeiination processes.
The comparison of our patients with formai Italian controis showed an increased presence of HLA A3 and DR-7 antigens in the former group. The occurrence of A3 and/or DR7 was observed in 22/30 patients (73.3%)

Key words: Post-vaccine disease - HLA antigens -Autoinimune disease CNS

Cette étude rapporte l’observation de 30 patients atteints de pathologies post-vaccinales intéressant le SNC et d’autres systèmes dans lesquels ies premiers symptòmes sont apparus concomitamment ou immédiatement après l’administration de vaccins.
Chez tous les patients on a effectué des recherches sérologiques pour les virus herpétiques (IgG et IgM) ainsi qu’une caractérisation tissulaire HLA (A,B,C) et HLA-DR-DQ afin de mettre en évidence tine corrélation possible entre l’apparition de pathologies citi SNC et ces antigènes;  autoimmunitaires du SNC
cette corrélation pourrait expliquer une éventuelle base immunogénétique de type autoimrnunitaire dans les processus de démyélinisation. La comparaison statistique avec la population italienne de contròle a mis en évidence une augmentation des antigènes HLA-A3 et HLA-DR-7. On a observé la présence de A3 et/ou DR-7 chez 22/30 (73,3%) patients.

Mots-clés: Pathologies post-vaccinales - Système HLA - pathologies

Lo studio si riferisce all’osservazione di 30 pazienti affetti da patologie post-vaccinali con interessamento del SNC e di altri apparati nei quali i primi sintomi sono insorti in concomitanza o immediatamente dopo la somministrazione di vaccini.
Tutti i pazienti sono stati sottoposti ad indagini sierologiche per virus erpetici (IgG e IgM) nonché a tipizzazione tessutale HLA(A,B,C) e HLA-DR-DQ allo scopo di accertare una eventuale correlazione tra l’insorgenza di patologie a carico del SNC e questi antigeni tale da spiegare una possibile base immunogenetica di tipo autoimmunitario nei processi di demielinizzazione.
Il confronto statistico con la popolazione italiana di controllo ha messo in evidenza un aumento degli antigeni HLA-A3 e HLA­DR-7. 
La presenza di A3 e/o DR-7 è stata osservata in 22/30 (73,3%) dei pazienti.

Parole chiave: Patologie post-vaccinali - sistema HLA - patologie autoimnuinitarie del SNC

CNS post-vaccine diseases are often not well studied.Recently, it has been suggested the “occurrence of CNS demyelination follwing immunisation with recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine” (1) ancl these observation have heen supported by other Investigators who reported “lack of virus and eosinophiiia following recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine” (2). These studies induced us to reevaiuate patients who presented with netirological symptoms followingn immunisation already investigated in several Itaiian and European Centres.
Med. J. Surg. Mcd. 2 (1996), 69-72

Comment by Harris L. Coulter:
This is, to my knowledge, the first investigation to find biochemical markers of vaccine damage.
It has not yet been published but deserves publication. My translation omits the tables and part of the bibliography, but the text is complete. This study should also have an impact on HLA typing, since it shows that vaccinations can have an effect on the individual's HLA type (i.e., that it is not necessarily congenital).

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+ Falsità della medicina ufficiale

An Italian Study Finding Biochemical Markers of Vaccine Damage

(Ripubblicazione e copia negli USA di Harris L. Coulter Ph.D. dello Studio del dott. Massimo Montinari)

Role of Immunogenetics in the Diagnosis of Postvaccinal CNS Pathology -
By Massimo Montinari*, Biagio Favoino**, and Angela Roberto*** Dept. Of Pediatric Surgery, University of Bari
**Tissue Typing and Organ Transplantation Service, Bari Hospital and Polyclinic ***Virology Outpatient Clinic. Bari Hospital and Polyclinic
Presented in Naples, May 9, 1996, under the auspices of the Associazione per la Libera Universita Internazionale de Medicina Omeopatica "Samuel Hahnemann" (LUIMO). Translated from Italian by Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D.

This study involves observations of 30 patients with post-vaccinal pathology of the central nervous system and other systems where the first symptoms appeared concomitantly with, or immediately after, administration of a vaccine. All patients were subjected to serologic testing for herpes virus (IgG and IgM) and to HLA (A, B, C) and HLA-DR-DQ tissue typing to see if there was any correlation between the emergence of CNS pathology and these various antigens, thus to show a possible autoimmune-type immunogenetic basis for demyelination processes. Statistical comparison with the Italian population used as controls revealed an increase in the HLA-A3 and HLA-DR7 antigens. The presence of A3 and/or DR-7 was observed in 22/30 (73.3%) of the patients.

Key words
Post-vaccinal pathology; HLA system; autoimmune pathology of the CNS.

Post-vaccinal pathology of the central nervous system (CNS) is a topic deserving further investigation. In fact, our own experience with 30 patients of Italian nationality, observed between April, 1994 and October, 1995, shows that clinical signs of CNS pathology -- associated with dermatitis, food allergies, constipation, and leaking from the anus -- emerged concomitantly or immediately after vaccination with the Salk or Sabin polio vaccine, DT, measles, DPT, anti-tuberculosis, or Hepatitis-B vaccines.

The hypothesis of Herroelen, J. De Keyser, and G. Ebinger on "CNS demyelination after immunization with recombinant hepatitis-B vaccine" (Lancet, 338, November 9, 1991, 1174-1175), as verified by A.P. Brezin, M. Lautier-Frau, M. Hamadani, and O. Rogeaux in their article, "Loss of Vision and Eosinophilia after Recombinant Hepatitis-B Vaccine" (Lancet, Italian Edition, April, 1994), suggests the need for a clinical revaluation and a critical look at all the patients observed up to now in Italian and European clinical centers.

The patients examined by us came from various regions of Italy, and all presented with a clinical history of convulsions concomitantly with, or immediately after, prophylactic vaccinations. We excluded from the study all patients observed by us whose clinical history was not referable to a vaccination. All the patients were subjected to tissue typing for HLA (A, B, C) and HLA DR-DQ with the aim of defining the relative immunogenetic order. The phenotype was defined by a study of various immune functions: lymphocyte subpopulations, serum immunoglobulin content, sphericity of the antibodies to various viruses (CMV, EBV, HSV-1 and HSV-2, VZV).

This allowed us to relate these data to specific clinical pictures -- patients who had earlier been diagnosed with epilepsy, myoclonic epilepsy, evoving epilepsy, epileptigenic encephalopathy, autism, West Syndrome, and Angelman's Syndrome.
All the patients had presented with the first symptoms shortly after receiving the prophylactic vaccination or somewhat later.

The first symptoms were convulsions, very high fever, or diarrhoea immediately following a compulsory vaccination.
The parents had told their physicians about this; then, after taking EEGs and visiting neuropsychiatric specialists or pediatricians without getting any satisfaction, the physicians had administered the recall shots of the vaccines leading very shortly to stabilization of the condition with progressive clinical deterioration.

These children were mostly from 3 to 9 months old. All patients were studied for the presence of metabolic diseases with negative results; then chromosomal mapping was done, also with negative results; encephalic TAC and RMN were performed at first appearance of the symptomatology, also with negative results.

The EEG performed at first appearance of the symptomatology gave a negative result in 92% of the patients. Serologic investigations for herpetic virus (IgG and IgM) were positive in all for IgG and negative for all for IgM, leading us to estimate seropositivity (IgG) for Epstein-Barr virus of 73.8%, for cytomegalovirus of 71.4%, for Herpes Simplex virus of 47.6%, and for Varicella-Zoster Virus of 21.4%. In all the patients we observed diminished sideremia and a deficit of IgA and IgG with a slight increase of GOT and GPT.
None of the patients had maternally transmitted viral encephalopathy, and in all the patients the vegetative and relational life was quite normal prior to administration of the first dose of vaccine.

The patients were subjected to HLA tissue typing (A, B, and C), and serologic HLA DR-DQ, with the aim of checking a possible correlation with the emergence of CNS pathology, and these antigens indicate a possible autoimmune immunogenetic basis for the demyelination process. (See A. Svejgard, P. Platz, and L. P. Ryder in Immunology Rev. 70, 1983, 193). The chi-square statistical analysis, with the Italian population as a control (see 11th International Histocompatibility Workship and Conference, 1992) demonstrated an increase in the HLA-A3 antigen (43.3% vs. 25%, P = 0.04, after statistical correction) and the HLA-DR7 antigen (48.3% vs. 24.14% P = 0.007 after statistical correction). The presence of A3 and/or DR7 was observed in 22/30 (73.3%) of the patients.

Additional cases are under study to better define the possible association of HLA A3 and/or HLA DR7 with appearance of this pathology in the CNS following vaccination. HLA system alleles have an elevated genetic polymorphism and are inherited as autosomal dominant characteristics. The combination of the alleles of various loci in the same chromosomes has been defined as the haplotype or complex gene, and the complexity of the HLA region demonstrates, besides the thousand different possible haplotypes, also the problems: of molecular resemblance (see G. Laurentaci and B. Favoino, "Immunogenetica e malattie HLA Associate," Dedalo Litostampo, Bari, 1991), of discriminating between self- and non-self-antigens, and of determining the function of the Class 2a CMI molecules; any interference with the process of presentation of the antigen can predispose to an autoimmune disease. Alterations which do not occur can be due to the action of viral agents which compromise the specific immune response because of their resemblance to the "self" tissue antigens. The consequence is persistence of the infective agents and a tendency to provoke, through a marked reaction, induction of an autoimmune disease. This can present in conditions of marked reactivity to some viruses and to myelin antigens.

A study of the disease associated with genes of the HLA system has shown that this genetic complex can be responsible for a particular genetic susceptibility, predisposing to various diseases characterized predominantly by immune-system pathogenesis.
The observation that many vaccines use Thimerosal as a preservative, for which we do not have clear dose-response relationships and whose toxic effects take the form essentially of neurologic symptoms, not the least of which are symptoms of the purine pathway of the innervation of the digestive tube, leads us to consider that in 66% of cases there was obstinate constipation and in 31% there was proctic symptomatology with emission of mucus and blood.

All the patients observed presented various physical problems. The various types of CNS pathology could be due to a delatentization of preexisting autoimme damage by viral DNA. It has been observed that the “cleaner" the species, from the virologic or microbiologic point of view, the more likely it is to present autoimmune conditions of the CNS and other apparatuses. The results indicate that autoimmune pathology is more frequent in countries where vaccination is more widespread, i.e., in countries defined as "clean." With this study, and with the individualization of alleles such as A3 and DR7, in the presence of viral DNA, it would be possible to define the subjects at risk of an autoimmune pathology from vaccination. The action of thimerosal used as an excipient in vaccines, and whose toxicity is independent of thedose administered, could demonstrate the possibility of changes in the aminoacids of the molecules which preserve the antigen.
This type of study could even be utilized to individualize the etiopathogenesis of other types of autoimmune pathology.
Subject: An Italian Study Finding Biochemical Markers of Vaccine Damage
© Harris L. Coulter Ph.D.

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Interrogazione Parlamentare sui danni dei Vaccini-1

Ricordarsi che le alterazioni degli enzimi, della flora, del pH digestivo e della mucosa intestinale influenzano  la salute,  non soltanto a livello intestinale, ma anche a distanza in qualsiasi parte dell'organismo.

Il dott. Moulden Canadese, ha fatto delle importanti ricerche sui danni neurologici dei vaccini:

Questo medico il Dott. Andrew Moulden è MORTO  (probabilmente assassinato) in modo inspiegabile nel novembre 2013 al età di 49, subito dopo aver pubblicato le SUE RICERCHE che DIMOSTRANO il DANNO CAUSATO dai VACCINI, RICONOSCIBILI SOLO da un SEMPLICE ESAME ESTERNO.  

Vi invito a leggere con attenzione questa pagina che spiega e cita il sistema immunitario in situazione di Anergia